An Essay Writer should know The Various parts of a Research Paper

An Essay Writer should know The Various parts of a Research Paper

A research paper being a formal academic document has various parts. The most notable parts are: An abstract; introduction, methodology, results, discussion and references. A research paper is supposed to be coherent and should also have a logical flow and the aforementioned parts helps in making this possible. There is specific information that  an essay writer should be writer in each part of a research paper as discussed below.

The introduction of a research paper lays down exactly what the research is trying to achieve. This is to say that the research problem is clearly written in this chapter. It is also in the introduction that a brief background of the problem should be written. A reader should therefore be able to tell what your research project is all about by simply reading this part.

The methodology is yet another important part of a research project. This part clearly describes the research design. It also tells the reader more about the instruments that you used to collect the data. A good methodology should be able to tell the reader exactly how the collected data was analyzed and how credibility was maintained both in data collection and data analysis. It is however good to note that the research methods normally depends on which type of a research you are carrying out. For example research methods that are used in sciences are quite different from those that are used in humanities as well as in social sciences.

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A good research project should also have a chapter where the data is presented and this is normally the results chapter. This is the chapter where one lets the reader to see what the results of one’s findings were. This chapter is followed by another equally valuable chapter known as the discussion. In the discussion a researcher is expected to provide an elaborate explanation of his/her findings. This is where the researcher tries to make sense of the data collected.

The conclusion is yet another part of a research project. This chapter wraps up your research paper by emphasizing the importance of your findings and tries to link your researcher with the previous research. The conclusion is thus an equally important part of a research paper. It is also good to mention that a list of references must be present in a research paper. This is actually the part where you let your readers know more about your sources of information.

Steps in writing a research paper

Steps in writing a research paper

It is the dream of every student as well as researchers to come up with a research paper that is up to the standards. In order to come up with a good research paper you should not only posses good writing skills but also you should have great research skills. Discussed below are the various steps that can assist you in coming up with an acceptable research paper.  

The first step involves coming up with a research problem. The research problem should then be narrowed down into a manageable research topic. This is then followed by finding the sources of information that are relevant to your research topic. This means that you should try as much as possible to get access to all the information that is available. You should consult the library as well as online sources of information in order to understand your research topic more. It is however good to note that a research papers doesn’t necessarily have to be a desk-based type of research. A student is expected to go out there and collect some primary data.

This implies that the next step should be coming up with an appropriate methodology. You should clearly describe how the data will be collected as well as how it is going to be evaluated. This is normally a very crucial step as how good your methods are will to a larger extent determine how good your research paper shall be.

Coming up with an outline of your research paper is the step that follows. An outline will help you in knowing how to organize your research paper. Remember that great organization skills are the key to coming up with a coherent research paper that has a logical flow. It is after you have come up with a research outline that you can now go ahead and write your first draft.

Many are the times that the first draft of your research paper is messed up. This is to say that you will have to revise it as many times as necessary in order to come up with work that is not only satisfies you as a researcher but that is also acceptable to others. It is also important to keep it in mind that you will still have to proofread the final drat to ensure that it is free from grammatical errors, structural mistakes as well as typos.