Anime Fans Give Back To Japan

After the recent earthquake in Japan there have been a range reactions from anime and manga fans, as well as various blogs and sites. Some send their prayers and thoughts, some donate money, some bitch because they can’t torrent their cartoons, and one site whose name isn’t worth mentioning (Sankaku Complex) posted a gallery of knocked over and broken figures. But rather than focus on the negative things cropping up in fandom, or talk about what a blight upon anime fandom Sankaku Complex is, I’d prefer to focus on the positive things.

The hosts of the Unofficial One Piece Podcast have decided to put together a 24 hour marathon podcast to raise donations for relief efforts in Japan, a movement which they’ve named Anime Fans Give Back To Japan. During the 24 hours they’re going to have various guests come on to talk about what’s happening, and they’ll also have information posted about what people can do to help. Some of the guests include Zac Bertschy and Justin Sevakis of Anime News Network’s ANNCast, as well asĀ  J. Michael Tatum, Terri Doty, and Stephen Hoff of the That Anime Show podcast.

For news about the earthquake and information about where to donate you can also check out ANN’s special coverage. Crunchyroll is also accepting donations for relief efforts, and will match all donations made.

For more information about the marathon podcast, you can follow them on Twitter at @OtakusHelpJapan